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  • Design following communication structure in School

    Gim is designed keeping in mind how communication flows in a school. Create Parent-groups for each section of a class, Instantly update a group of parents about the homework, Start a discusion with entire Class, Communicate to a parent about a a specific student or simply chat up with a fellow teacher - all from the same app.

  • Communication vs Discussion

    While one-way Communication is made typically from the school to parents, often school wants to discuss with parents-group on a specific issue. Gim supports both. Message delivery is guaranteed, no need to track delivery notification for every member in the group.

  • The Fore-front of Design & Technology

    Gim is built from scratch with state-of-the-art technology to make it extremely light-weight and nimble. Intuitive User Interface and zero complicated app-configuration make messaging extremely easy for everyone. Encryption technologies to keep your data secure and safe.

  • Service absolutely Free

    Gim messaging service is made absolutely free for the school. The school administrator needs to register the school online, configure the groups and users and serive is ready-to-use for all the users. Users simply download the app and start using. Gim intelligently configures the app for every user

Group Communication

Hierarchy of user-groups is intrinsic to Gim. Messaging to large multi-level user-groups is as effortless as sending message to an individual

Uncompromised Privacy

Unlike other apps, your phone number is never disclosed to other users. Gim does not peek into your phone's contact database, so no fear of unwarranted privacy intrusion through Gim

Low bandwidth Usage

Gim is optimised to eliminate unnecessary data transfers. That makes it less chatty. It also reduces your data bill

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Not just another messaging app

Designed to be an extension of School's way of life, Gim enables the teacher to stay connected with others without compromising on her privacy. Parents get to discuss with parents without disturbing the teachers. School management remains on top of everything important happening around the school. Whether Emergency or regular update, Gim ensures that parents are never left second-guessing

Enterprise-grade Quality, Tailor-made for Each School

We believe every school is different and therefore Gim does not follow one-size-fits-all approach. Gim's backend is configured for each school. Features are thoughtfully added, carefully detailed with a special attention to improve Productivity for the User.

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